Irrigation Services

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First impressions and curb appeal are everything about a house. A pristine lush green lawn will make your home or business stand out to everyone passing by. The easiest and most convenient way to keep your lawn looking top notch is an irrigation system custom designed to fit your yard shape and size.

Our state-of-the-art design software will carefully map out the location of each sprinkler head or rotary to maximize coverage and give you detailed information on how much and how often you should water. We lay out all pipe and valve placements ahead of time, based on your specifications. We do everything we can to avoid going under hardscapes to avoid costly future repairs.

At Paradise Creations, we provide customized watering solutions for homeowners and commercial properties. We design our irrigation systems around the unique parameters of each customer’s lawn and landscape.

In designing these irrigation systems, we are careful to take into account factors such as:

  • Shape, size, and type of lawn
  • Shade and sunlight areas
  • Grade of your lawn
  • Soil type
  • Any landscape beds and/or trees

Our state of the art irrigation design program provides us with precise calculations to limit excess water and to prevent as much runoff as possible. We select the best nozzles to fit your specific situation. No two yards are alike therefore no two yards can use the same design. We coordinate with local cities and ensure that your irrigation system meets all city and state codes and requirements.

Paradise Creations employs two licensed Texas irrigators, two irrigation technicians, and is insured up to $1 million.

Have an existing irrigation system?

We can perform a pressure test and calculate your flow rate and update your old system to new and more efficient nozzles or rotors. Retrofitting your old system with newer model nozzles will pay for itself in the first year by decreasing your water usage and bill. Distributors like Rain Bird and Hunter are constantly improving their nozzles and it never hurts to have your system checked for efficiency.

Irrigation Repair Services

In the event of a broken irrigation system, we can diagnose the issue and make repairs quickly and seamlessly to get your system back up and running as soon as possible. From broken valves to cut wire, we can repair any issue. Schedule your repair today.

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