Landscape & Holiday Lighting

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That curb appeal doesn’t have to be noticed only during the day. Landscape lighting is the perfect compliment to any landscape setup. It turns an excellent landscape design into an extraordinary one and is the perfect way to set you apart from your neighbors.

Landscape lighting not only looks good but it provides safety to your home as it can act as a deterrent to potential intruders. A well-lit home is a safe home.

From standard path and uplights to color changing dimmable lighting, we can find a lighting solution to fit your needs and more importantly your budget. Path lighting, while enhancing the outdoor appeal of your home, can provide a safe lighted walkway for the elderly and/or disabled.

We also provide outdoor string lights for patios, pergola lighting, LED lighting for pools and so much more.

All of our landscape lighting is low voltage and is rated for direct burial. That allows us to run the wiring directly under your mulch so that no digging or trenching is required. If we need to run a wire through grass areas, we simply create a trenched opening using a spade or edging shovel. This method allows us to quickly close the trench without leaving any indication that we were there.

There are several different pricing levels for landscape lighting so give us a call for more information and to request a free estimate.

Types of Landscape Lighting



Path lights

Accent Lighting

Hardscape Lighting

Underwater Lights

Pergola Lights

Ask about our dimmable, color changing and dimmable with color changing lighting options!


Holiday Lighting

Christmas isn’t the only holiday that can be celebrated with outdoor lighting. We can provide just about any color lighting for any occasion you may have including any and all holidays.


All lighting is custom cut strands with LED lights in a durable hard plastic shell. Different from traditional glass bulbs, our holiday lights do not break if they are dropped, the durable plastic design allows for years of continued use.


The shell is dyed in specific colors rather than painted so that the color never chips or scratches.

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